Board Election

The election of the Board of Directors will take place at the Spring General Membership Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, May 23rd from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at a new event space--the Broad on Mifflin, 1903 South Broad Street.


Article 5 Section 4 of the South Philly Food Co-op Bylaws states:

Elections. The election of the Board of Directors shall take place at the Spring Meeting of the membership.  All voting for Directors shall be by written ballot.  Notice of the election, including the names of the candidates, the Board positions being filled, and an absentee ballot shall be made available to all Shareholding Members at least thirty (30) days before the meeting at which the election will occur.  A candidate for the Board of Directors must be a member of the Co-op in good standing and must submit an application form.  Applications must be submitted to the secretary or his or her designee sixty (60) days prior to the Spring Meeting of the membership.  Board member positions will be filled according to those who receive the most votes for vacant positions.  In the event of a tie, there shall be a run-off among the Shareholding Members present at the meeting.

There are six (6) Director seats up for election to a two-year term. Voters will be asked to select their top 6 choices from the nominees below. 

If you are unable to vote in person at the Spring General Membership Meeting, you may print and mail an absentee ballot to the Co-op, according to the instructions in the linked PDF below. Ballots must be received by 5pm, May 23rd.



Who is eligible to vote for the Board of Directors?

According to Article 4, Section 5 of the bylaws, each Shareholding Member in good standing shall have one and only one vote upon any single matter. The Shareholding Member may designate a member of his or her Household to vote in his or her place.

What does "in good standing" mean?

In order to be "in good standing" members have to be paid up on their equity according to their membership agreement. That means either having your full $200 equity paid up or being up-to-date on your payments according to your payment plan.

How do I know if I'm up to date on my payments?

If you've received your share certificate in the mail or at a previous General Membership Meeting then you have paid off your entire $200 equity. If you're currently making payments or aren't sure you've received a share certificate, you can check your equity online. You will be prompted to log in to view your payment history. If you have never logged into our website, simply click “Forgot my Password” and follow the prompts. You can also email to ask.

If there are multiple people in my member-owner household, do we each get a vote?

Nope. Only one vote per member-owner household. You can talk it over as a household and make selections that everyone agrees to or just designate one person to make the decision on everyone's behalf. Whatever works for you!

If you receive multiple votes from a the same member-owner household, what will happen?

The Elections Committee will only count the LATEST vote that comes in and discard earlier votes. If you mail in a ballot then someone else in your household mails on in, whichever one we collect later will be counted. If you mail in a ballot before the election then you or another member of your household come to the meeting and vote in person, only the in-person vote will be counted. 

Meet the 2018 Nominees

Below are the names and statements of the candidates presented alphabetically by last name.

Jess Calter (member since 2012)

Jess CalterThe Co-op is important to me because of the amazing community and because I believe strongly in our mission—using food as a force for good. I have seen over the years the power of the Co-op to bring disparate groups of people together to work towards a collective goal. Also, I feel strongly that the cooperative model has the ability to disrupt and change for the better the purely capitalist system to benefit more of our society and I love that the South Philly Food Co-op is doing that in my neighborhood. I have been on the Board of Directors for the last four years and I have served as President for the last three. Currently, I sit on each of our committees and previously I served on the Real Estate and Operations Committees. I bring skills in the realms of strategy development, fundraising, finance, project management, and board governance. Serving the Co-op on the board has been one of the great joys of my life!

Angel D’Ippolito (member since 2011)

Angel D'Ippolito

The South Philly Food Co-op is important to me because I believe in the power of community to make the world a better place on a local level. In South Philly, I believe the Co-op can empower people to take ownership of their ability to make positive change. I think we can help feed people in our community with healthy, sustainable, and accessible options. I chaired the Real Estate Committee and helped find the store location. I chair the Facilities Committee to help design and build out the store. I am a current board member and Vice President. My legal and real estate background assist the board in sound decision making. 


Anna Kisiel (member since 2011)

Anna KisielThe Co-op is important to me because I’m very passionate about the business model and I'm certain it will strengthen our community. Having access to fresh food and supporting local farmers is very important to me and critical to the success of our local economy. I have been volunteering for the Co-op for 7 years, starting before we began accepting member equity payments. My longest tenure was on the Operations Committee where I helped write the business plan and also conducted a sensitivity analysis to ensure that a smaller store would be feasible. I am finishing up my 4th year on the Board, 3 of those years as the Treasurer. I am currently the Treasurer, active on the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, and helping the Outreach Committee with event planning and creating business partnerships.


Emily Wyner (member since 2014)

Emily WynerIn today’s world, I need to believe in the power of communities to own and control their own infrastructure. Food is a vital part of that infrastructure. To me, nourishing ourselves is about so much more than nutrients. It’s about embodying our values. Of course, I want a grocery store with product options I trust and where I can catch up with my neighbors. But I also want to build greater equity in a largely unjust food system. That’s what we as member-owners of the South Philly Food Co-op can do together. I have been involved in the Co-op and served as a core member of the Marketing/Communications Committee since May 2014. More recently, I wrote the charter for the Food Justice and Equity Committee, which seeks to ensure that the Co-op is an accessible, welcoming, and valuable community institution for the widest range of neighborhood residents and stakeholders possible. As I run for a second term on the Board, I am aware of the work ahead – in getting our doors open, yes, and also in deepening our roots and widening our reach in the neighborhood. Currently, I am wrapping up a master’s in organizational development and leadership. My thesis work surrounds the use of improv (yes, improv comedy!) as a tool for building psychological safety on teams. I believe in bringing a playful, learning approach to the serious work of creating and sustaining a more just world. If you’re with me, I hope I’ll have your vote.


Board of Directors