By becoming a member-owner, you will quite literally be an owner of the store and will have a voice in which items and services the Co-op will offer. Our membership investment is $200. This is not a fee, or a donation; it’s a one-time investment in the store. You can pay in full or installments.

Joining now is the best way to get the store opened. If this is something you’re interested in and would like to see happen in the next couple years, join now and ask your friends and neighbors to join as well. The location for the Co-op will be determined, in part, by where most of the members live at the time of the location decision. One way to make sure the the Co-op is close to you is to become a member and get everyone on your street to become a member too!

What benefits are there to joining?

In addition to our awesome Shop South Philly Program, membership also includes decision-making power to influence the initial location, direction and policies of the Co-op. Eventually members will be entitled to exclusive specials, sales and events.

The benefit to joining now is much bigger. It’s the knowledge that you are a Founding Member. You are making possible what we all hope will be an institution in this neighborhood for decades. We understand that life is busy,and we all don’t have a lot of time to do “something big” in the community, but by becoming a member now, you will be making a difference in our neighborhood for years to come.

Check out our membership map, and join with your neighbors and friends!


620 member-owners as of August 28, 2014