In addition to the Board of Directors, there are several committees that help keep the Co-op running smoothly and are always looking for new people to jump in.  You can help in a variety of ways, from project management to stuffing envelopes.  Join us!  E-mail to get involved.

The following committees meet on a monthly or as-needed basis:

Bookkeeping/Administration: This committee is responsible for maintaining financial records, membership records and database as well as managing electronic/paper archival systems. They also work with the Treasurer to maintain communication and partner with the Membership Committee to communicate overlapping assignments.

Grants: This committee is responsible for seeking out and applying for grants.

IT: Provides support and training on technical facets of the organization including the website, member management software, and more. Advises the Co-op on tech-related decisions and provides ongoing maintenance and as-needed research and/or development of new tools.

Leadership: This committee is responsible for recruiting and developing people to help with the numerous committees and the Board of Directors. This committee meets for about six months during the year to prepare, plan for, and execute board elections each May and will help with leadership development projects as needed.

Legal: This committee meets as necessary as new projects arise. Each committee may have legal needs that can be channeled to this team on an as needed basis.

Marketing and Communications: Responsible for communicating and publicizing the co-op’s efforts through our website and blog, creating press releases, newsletters, brochures and other print materials. They are also responsible for branding and communication consistency.

Membership: Coordinates all activities relating to membership, including pursuing prospective members, on-boarding new members, connecting members to volunteer and leadership opportunities, and maintaining a robust member database. Additional responsibilities include coordinating strategic membership campaigns across committees as directed by the Board of Directors.

Operations: Responsible for managing the market analysis and business planning in addition to carrying out the responsibilities as set by the Board. They monitor and update the start-up timeline, setting membership and progress goals to keep the start-up process on track. Operations also developed and maintains the business plan and financial projections for the co-op, and works with the Real Estate Committee to evaluate the feasibility of potential locations.

Programs and Events: Organizes and gives community presentations, coordinates our effort to be present at local events, helps plan and execute fundraising events and manages the Business Outreach efforts.

Real Estate Committee: Having surpassed 250 members, we have formed a Real Estate Committee that has begun the process of looking for a store location. Our Operations Committee has identified members with the skills and experience needed for the this committee. If you think you have expertise in this area and could help us during this process, please contact us.