Find Us At The XPoNential Music Festival THIS WEEKEND!

What: XPoNentional Music Festival
When: July 26-28
Where: Wiggins Park in Camden

We'll join other local Food Co-op's in the vendor area at this great music festival! Come visit us to learn more about local cooperatively owned grocery stores and what your South Philly Food Co-op is up to.

Click here for more information about WXPN's premier event.

Sarah's Garden: Mid-July in Pictures

photo.JPG fancy eggplant

Keep watering!!  Hopefully we'll get rain soon.

What day and time of day is best for the Fall General Membership Meeting?

calendar-questionHi Co-op folks! Members and non-members alike who have any interest at all in attending the Fall General Membership (date: TBD), we want to hear from you.

Please take this SHORT survey to let us know what day of the week and time of day works best for you so we can schedule the meeting.

Sarah's Garden: Mid-July Update

That magical time has come when everything is in bloom!

photo.JPG pretty flower

As you can see, the cucumbers and the tomatoes are kind of in, ah, cahoots because maybe I planted them a bit too close together.  But I think they can both stand their ground - you can do it, little ones!  And maybe soon I'll have some cucumbers to show for it.  I grew (or tried to grow) squash the first year I did this and only got flowers, probably because they were not pollinated.  There seems to be lots more pollinators in my West Philly garden than there were in my South Philly garden so I'm hoping my tactic of not manually pollinating will work this time.  We'll find out soon!

Deadline for Volunteering Your Garden to Garden Tour Extended to August 1

garden_tour_2012_1Not really much more to add to that headline!

The Co-op is still looking for folks who would like to volunteer their creative, cool outdoor spaces to be part of the third annual South Philly Garden Tour. Take it from one who once volunteered his own backyard... it's a really fun time and you get to meet a lot of great people.

Here are the details:

If you’d like to participate and show off all the beauty that the hard working and loving green thumbs of you and neighbors have created please submit the following information by AUGUST 1, 2013:

1. a brief description of your garden (as you would like it to be published in the pamphlet). Please limit the description to 50-75 words.

2. an interesting fact about your garden (i.e. how it all started, a unique plant you are growing, an interesting technique you are using to grow, etc.)

3. a photo or two- be proud!

We’ll be hosting a voluntary pre-tour meet-up on Tuesday August 20th at 7pm to answer any questions, distribute information, discuss day-of details, and get you connected with fellow home garden enthusiasts!

THURSDAY: Music in the Park and... Mystery (?) Boxes!


On Thursday, July 11th (raindate Thursday, July 18th) the Friends of Gold Star Park in association with the Passyunk Square Civic Association, the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation AND the South Philly Food Co-op present the second of three Music in the Park Concerts. Thursday's show will feature The Wallace Brothers Band and will start at 7 pm.

The Wallace Brothers Band are trio based in South Philadelphia. The group has worked with Grammy winners Ricky Skaggs and David Bromberg, as well as Robert Hunter of The Grateful Dead, Rusted Root, WEEN, Frog Holler, Dicky Bettes of The Allman Brothers, and many more. Also, Lucky, their pedal steel player just got off the road with Shania Twain, so the band is glad to have him back. The group performs a unique blend of folk, country, jazz, comedy and everything in between.

As part of the entertainment for the younger attendees, the Co-op will reprise a fan favorite from an earlier event - “Mystery Boxes” where kids can place their hand in a box and guess what food is inside. This event is a great opportunity to spend some time on a nice summer evening with friends, neighbors and fellow Co-op members. We encourage any member who is attending to invite along some non-member friends to learn more about the Co-op from our representatives (who will also be able to sign people up on the spot!). The summer growing season continues. How many new members can we count on this week!?

Special Event: African American Cooperatives and the Struggle for Economic Independence!

Mariposa Food Co-op is co-hosting an event about African Americans and the US cooperative movement on July 25th.

Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, an expert on the history of Black co-ops, is going to give a talk while she's in town for the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy that weekend. We encourage as many of our members as possible to attend her talk. Her research covers some fascinating stories that are not widely known, but are important context for the work all of us do.

Here are additional details about the event:

African American Cooperatives and the Struggle for Economic Independence!

Join Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard for a talk and Q&A about the history of African Americans and the US cooperative movement. This location is wheelchair accessible. All are welcome. Free!

Gordon Nembhard chronicles the achievements and challenges of African American collective economic action and cooperative development in the struggle for civil rights and economic equality. She connects historical and archival research on Black co-ops with economic analyses of cooperative ownership as a strategy for political economic independence and community-based asset building.

Jessica Gordon Nembhard is a political economist and Associate Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development in the Africana Studies Department at John Jay College, City University of NY. She is also a member of the Grassroots Economic Organizing Collective, the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, and the US Solidarity Economy Network; and a member of the Leadership Team of Organizing Neighborhood Equity (ONE) DC.

For more information, please see Mariposa's website or email And please invite your friends! You can let others know you are going by replying on the Facebook event page for the event.

Sponsored by the LCA Land Trust and Mariposa Food Coop’s Food Justice & Anti-Racism Working Group

Sarah's Garden: We Have Eggplant!!

The day has come!

photo.JPG eggplant!

More on the rest of the garden soon, but I just could not contain my excitement over my first eggplant.  Success!!

How ARE we picking a location? Here's insight into the process

Judging from the Question and Answer session at our Spring General Membership Meeting, the biggest issue on everyone's mind is our location choosing process. Not a big surprise! The Real Estate Committee is now actively seeking and looking at locations and have visited a number of them. Our members understand the importance of keeping a tight lid on information about exactly which locations the Real Estate Committee has seen. Mentioning any specific spot puts us at risk for powering up the rumor mill. Before we know it, dozens of people will think we've found a location and may even join the Co-op because of that spot. That would put us in the very awkward position of having to explain to someone that, in fact, the place they thought we would be opening was just one of many sites considered by the Real Estate Committee. One-way train to disappointmentville!

But we do want to be as open as possible about how the Committee is evaluating locations. To that end, we've gotten a copy of the form that Real Estate developed before beginning the site-visitation phase of the process. You can download the form here to get a look at all of the different criteria being considered. This information is the first step. Sites that show promise and merit serious consideration are then passed along for a professional site analysis done which will answer questions about the revenue-generating potential of the location based on characteristics of the building, local demographics, ease of access, proximity to members, etc.

We hope this helps give members and not-yet members an idea of how the Real Estate Committee is approaching this monumental task. While they can't reveal locations under consideration, you can always get in touch with them to suggest locations that you may have encountered in your neighborhood. So far the Committee has considered over 15 properties, many of which were suggested by Co-op members! The ideal space is lurking out there somewhere but we (all of us... members, volunteers and committee members) have to find it!

Now that you see the criteria used by the committee when visiting a site, you may even be able to provide some info with your suggestion. Questions or suggestions can go to


Sarah's Garden: Happy Summer!

photo.JPG what is that?? (besides my chipped nail polish)

Listen, I don't want to jinx this but that looks like the beginnings of an eggplant to me!

Wow!  So many new things!  And more, too, next week!